25.00 USD

Platinum includes:

10 Homes - Save locations with /sethome. Open GUI with /homes.
10 Shopkeepers + Free Shopkeeper Egg.

Exclusive Platinum Title in chat and on nameplate!

1 Legendary Treasure Chest - Contains high chance of rare cosmetics!
5000 Coins - Used for cosmetics and gadgets!
5000 Claim Blocks - Expand your base!
Multiverse Access - Wander through more lands and worlds.
Workstation Commands - Quality of Life commands.
Organization Commands - Ease of use commands.
Cosmetic Commands - Expressive Commands.

Priority Join - Join the server even if its full!
Unlocks all colors in chat, books, and nickname.
Unlocks all colors and fonts in the anvil.

Workstation Commands
/anvil - Open the anvil GUI to combine items.
/cartographytable - Opens the cartography table GUI to create maps.
/grindstone - Opens the grindstone GUI to disenchant items.
/loom - Open the loom GUI to make banners.
/smithingtable - Open the smiting table GUI to upgrade gear.
/stonecutter - Open the Stonecutter GUI to craft materials.
/workbench - Opens the crafting table GUI
/ender - Opens your ender chest

Organization Commands
/chestsort - Sorts your inventory and chests with key binds and auto sorting.
/condense - Cleans up your inventory by combining and stacking items.
/uncondense - Expands blocks into their smallest form. (Ex. Diamond blocks to diamonds.)
/dispose - Opens a chest GUI to throw unwanted items in.
/solve - Type in any equation to be solved…like a calculator!

Cosmetics Commands
/nick - Set your own custom nickname and color.
/glow - Glow any color!

/suicide - Instant Death.

Permissions Unlocked

Priesthood - Ability to marry players!
Clan Leader - Ability to create a new clan!

Bottle XP - Use glass bottles and an enchanting table to create Bottles of Exp
Store XP - Put glass bottles in a crafting table to store your experience.
Teleport with Mount - Bring your mount with you when teleporting!
All Pets - Unlock all pets in /pets.